Understand Bleeding, Thrombosed and Prolapsed Hemorrhoid

Published: 21st September 2009
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Hemorrhoids may be classified as either internal or external. Further these can be sub classified as bleeding, thrombosed and prolapsed hemorrhoid. External hemorrhoid is normally more painful when compared with internal piles. When hemorrhoids becomes full blown and advanced then treatment of both the external and the internal type becomes difficult. Bleeding, thrombosed and prolapsed hemorrhoid require quick medical attention.

Sometimes internal hemorrhoids can come out of the anus /rectum opening. This normally happens because of the stools that pushes the swollen vein out. This kind of piles is known as prolapsed hemorrhoid. The prolapsed hemorrhoid may get back inside by itself or it may be required to be pushed back or sometimes they do not go back at all.

One can experience blood accumulation and blood clot inside an external hemorrhoid at times. This type of hemorrhoids is known as thrombosed piles. This condition is often very painful and causes a lot of discomfort. A thrombosed hemorrhoid also impacts the blood circulation in and around the anus / rectum area because blood gets accumulated in the clot.

Thrombosed and prolapsed hemorrhoid require proper medical attention in order to prevent further bleeding and other complications like internal infections. This is why it is important that you visit a physician as soon as you notice any kind of bleeding from inside the anus / rectum lining.

If the blood vessels in the rectum area become weak then bleeding can happen. Scratching by hard stools and extra pressure applied to the veins due to constipation can cause bleeding. Improper sitting method and sitting in the same seat for a long durations can also cause bleeding in hemorrhoids. Certain food types may also cause bleeding in the rectum lining. In the case of pregnant women bleeding in the blood vessels can happen due to additional strain of the growing foetus.

There are several cures for treating both the thrombosed and prolapsed piles. These options include homeopathy, surgical, herbal and natural remedies. Surgery should be avoided as far as possible. Keep it as a last option. Some of the herbal and natural treatments work really well by eliminating pain and inflammation. Herbal and natural treatments take time to give results.

If you want to prevent recurrence of the problem then you will have to be patient with the hemorrhoid treatment.

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